My Countertop Inspiration

For years, I have had a mishmash of spice jars gathering in my kitchen.  Once, I bought a bunch of jars from Ikea (, added spices, labeled them all, and thought I was done.  I never liked the rack that they had available, though.  Since I am renting, I didn’t want to screw anything into the wall, and these jars have their downsides as well (they take up a lot more space than a vertical jar, and there is no shaker lid).  I also had to keep them in a drawer, which meant I was looking down at the unlabeled lid, requiring me to pull out a bunch of jars one at a time to get the one I wanted.

My next thought was to get a bunch of round canisters, which would affix magnetically to the refrigerator.  Ikea even sells those, too (LOVE Ikea, btw) (  These didn’t seem like they would hold that much spice, though, and again I couldn’t use them as a shaker.  I also read some online reviews that said that after awhile, the canisters containing very finely ground spices (like cinnamon or ground sage) could become stuck.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I have spent HOURS over the last few years researching different “spice containment units”.  I just wanted to love whatever I used, and to have it be super functional and simultaneously something that I would be proud to have on my countertop.

And… <drumroll> here it is!  



I LOVE my spices now.  I am using them so much more now that I can see (nearly) all of them.  I feel so much more creative when I can scan them, easily remove a couple, add a dash of this and a sprinkle of that, and then put them right back so I can find them AGAIN (revolutionary concept, I know).

On a cute note, my ds8 has started to play a little game where he takes out several spices, pulls the lid off of each, and then holds them up together to smell them, to see how they “blend” together.  I love how his mind is starting to open to new flavors and foods!

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