The “Taste It, Don’t Waste It” Challenge

I have been working for a couple of weeks to try to eat down the freezer a bit so I had room for the latest cowzilla (we bought 1/4 of a local cow), but as Christmas, anniversary, and birthdays approach, I have decided to make a serious push toward not letting anything go to waste, and trying to eat as much as possible out of my pantry and freezer stores.  This is the last week I am going to get CSA veggies until the spring session, so I will have to buy a bit more fresh produce.  I really want to try to limit my purchases though, to fresh dairy, produce (eating first what I already have), and a few fill-in items. 

In my freezer, I have 1/4 of a cow, about 6 lb of chicken, 2-3 lb of ham, 1 lb of pork loin, 2 lb of shrimp, 2 lb of flounder, and 2 lb(ish) of salmon.  There are also frozen veggies and fruits, and a bunch of random meal components.  In the pantry, there are tons of beans, veggies, soups, tuna, all manner of condiments, and some grains (couscous, some brown rice, pastas of various shapes, bulgur wheat, quinoa, etc).  My fridge is currently bursting at the seams with produce and leftovers.

All of this has set me up quite nicely to save a bit of money heading into the holiday season, but will also let me exercise my creativity, and clear things out enough to enter the New Year with a better handle on what I have and need, so I don’t end up with such a glut in the future.

I will be posting the things I come up with, and my experience with staying the course on the challenge.  Join me!

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3 Responses to The “Taste It, Don’t Waste It” Challenge

  1. I have been trying to clean out my freezers as well. I have so much food in there, I don’t need to buy more. Each trip to the grocery store is a challenge. My pantry doesn’t look much different than my freezer. I have no idea why there is so much stuff in my house.

  2. Nikki says:

    I am so there with you (minus cowzilla) my husband is in “stock the pantry” mode BIG time and any time there’s a big sale on the staples he goes nuts. I currently have: 8 boxes of pasta (I RARELY eat pasta by the way) 4 boxes of couscous 2 bags of dried beans, 2 huge bags of brown rice, 2 small bags of mixed rice, 2 boxes of dried ravioli, 1 box of lomein noodles and a huge bag of quinoa. what the heck am I supposed to do with all of this???

    • You’re supposed to join me in figuring it the heck out, lol. Couscous is the BEST for nights when you need a quick dinner, because it really is as easy as boiling water (although I use broth that I season with various things instead of broth).

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