Tip of the Day-Green Onions

Two weeks in a row, I received green onions in my farm basket.  LOTS of green onions.  This tip is a hybrid of something I saw on another blog (that I failed to save, so I unfortunately can’t give credit) and my own tweaks.

Here is a pic to show just how many onions I’m talking about, lol

I chopped the entire bunch, and spread them out in a single layer, on my cookie sheet (it’s not dirty, it’s just well-loved, lol).  They COVERED the whole sheet.  I placed the onions into the freezer.

Once they were completely frozen, I broke them apart wherever they stuck together, and poured them into a large water bottle with a flip-top lid. 

Now I can easily shake out as many onions as I need, into whatever I am cooking.  These wouldn’t be great to go on top of a salad or anything raw, of course, but into a stir-fry or soup, they will be just fine!

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One Response to Tip of the Day-Green Onions

  1. Jodi says:

    Great idea!

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