Is it lunch? Is it an activity?

It’s BOTH!

I let the boys spread the peanut butter on one piece, and low-sugar jelly on the other. Then I gave them a little cup, and let them choose their “toppings” which they then artfully arranged in the peanut butter before putting the jelly bread on top and eating. Now, the toppings look crazy, but keep in mind that I gave them a very small amount of each. It couldn’t have added a lot of sugar or calories in such small quantities, but they are thinking this is such an amazing treat! They were fighting like crazy before this, but now they are working together and comparing sandwiches and toppings, and generally loving it, lol.

Toppings they chose from:
peanut butter chips (like I said, I gave them like 4 chips, lol)
mini marshmallows
mini choc. chips
dried cherries
yogurt raisins

They're loving it!
Please excuse the messy kitchen and pantry in the background, but look how intent they are!  Every item was placed with precision, lol.

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