Rolling with the Punches

So, I’m a fairly decent cook, and although I don’t have TOO many total recipe flops, I do have occasions here and there, where things just don’t turn out exactly the way you had envisioned them.

Since I’m not exactly known for my propensity to follow a recipe ANYway, I try to look at these “oops” moments as a challenge, and figure out some way to present something still fairly edible to my family, lol.

This morning, I set out to make these stuffed peppers from Eating Well:

Well, the recipe says to roast the peppers for 10-15 minutes.  These were pretty large peppers, so I took them out at 12.  They looked and smelled great.  Unfortunately, when I turned around, they looked like this:

Clearly not stuffable, lol.

So… I threw them back in the oven to roast a bit more, and  skinned them to use later.  I par-cooked the kale, cooked the rice, and rough-chopped the remaining raw bell peppers and a sweet onion.  I set all of these aside, along with some steaks I was thawing to serve with the peppers.

Fast-forward a few hours… I have gone to lay down for a catnap.  I mistakenly set my alarm incorrectly, and NOBODY wakes me up.  At 6:15, DH calls me to say he is on his way home.  I am in one of those stupid coma phases of sleep, and can’t even figure out what that noise is.  Look at the clock.  PANIC!

I’m in that stage where you don’t quite wake up right, and your head feels like it’s sorta disconnected from your body, when dh walks in.  Miraculous, he offers to just grill the steaks, and I go into full-on throw-it-together mode.  I bag up the kale into 2 freezer bags for future use, saute the peppers and onions with garlic, lemon, parsley, and olive oil, steam the cauliflower, and heat the rice.  Here’s what I ended up with in about 15 minutes, and it was still fairly tasty and healthy.

Moral of the story: When cooking, don’t panic.  Just roll with it.  You don’t have to be perfect, just try!

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3 Responses to Rolling with the Punches

  1. Margaret Ray says:

    Your dinner looks wonderful, and it means you ARE a good cook because you turned what could have been ugly into a beautiful tasty presentation. Wish I could have some.:-)

  2. karenkuecken says:

    You rock. I totally would have just ordered pizza and saved it all for tomorrow.. leaving the REST of what was for the week to eventually rot (when it came to the last meal).. ugh.

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