Why I love Thursdays…

Thursday is CSA day, of course!  I love the whole purpose and process of CSA’s.  It makes me smile every week.  It’s like veggie Christmas!

A CSA (Community Sponsored Agricultrure) is a program which allows local farms to sell “shares” of their produce to individuals.  Participants pick up a farm box filled with varied items, usually once a week, or every other week (mine is every week, yeah!)  To find a CSA near you, visit http://www.localharvest.org/, click “CSA”, and enter your zip code.  Many farms are organic, and many others use “organic practices”, which means that they are primarily (or even exclusively) organic in practice, but have not gone through the arduous process of being certified “Organic” by the government.

I love driving to my farm, anticipating what I might possibly get this week, chatting for a little bit with the farmers, and then peeking inside my box to see what I got!  On the drive home, my mind is filled with all of the options presented by this week’s bounty.  The best weeks are when I get something I don’t normally use or buy, and I have to figure out what to do with them (or what they even ARE, lol). I would never have selected things like red chard, or pattypan squash, or Sprite melons, had it not been for my CSA’s.  The possibilities are endless, and it really spurs on my creativity.  

If you don’t have a CSA near you, you can still try some great produce, and support local agriculture at your farmer’s market.  Local Harvest can also help you find the ones in your area, and I think it is so much fun to wander among the stands, checking out all of the varieties.  Hmm… it’s definitely time for a trip to the farmer’s market for me, too!  🙂

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