UGH! The dreaded fridge!

Tomorrow is the day I pick up my farm box (more on this tomorrow), but I already have quite a bit of produce that needs to be used up.  I really need to make one or two things that can clear out the refrigerator, so I can clean it before I fill it again tomorrow.  Although I pretty much hate this job (especially when something has spilled and dried, like now), but I love it when I am able to open the sparkly fridge, and be able to FIND everything, and know that nothing I choose will give me food poisoning, lol.  I guess you have to trudge through the muck to get to the sparkle, eh?

Here are some of the things I know I need to use up:

  • fresh lemons
  • tomatoes
  • fresh spinach
  • corn on the cob
  • shredded and baby carrots
  • pickling and regular cucumbers
  • bell peppers of all colors
  • green onions
  • mushrooms
  • grape tomatoes
  • peaches
  • potatoes

After looking at the list, I think I can break most of it down into 2 dishes: a marinated vegetable bean salad, and a vegetable soup.  I still have plenty of stew beef in the freezer from the 1/4 cow I bought a few months ago (I had no REAL idea it would be THIS much meat, lol) so veggie beef soup sounds good.  I’ll update with my recipes later.

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2 Responses to UGH! The dreaded fridge!

  1. She's Perfect for Me! says:

    Make me some homemade pickles! You can do it. I love a garlicy dill pickle and a so does your brother! It’s not like we don’t have mason jars. 🙂

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