Investment cooking

I have heard many terms used for the process of cooking in large batches; freezer cooking, batch cooking, OAMC, etc.  My favorite term though, is “investment cooking”.  To me, it really represents a planned venture to invest my money, time, and effort in the short term, to yield the big pay off later, in the form of extra time, more money, less stress, and fewer dishes!  Sometimes, when I am in the middle of the day, and hitting various obstacles, it helps to remind myself that this day I have subjected myself to is an investment in my home.  I’m working on planning several different investment cooking sessions, broken out primarily by type of protein or food (chicken, ground beef, beef/salmon, sauces/spreads, and other).  MOST of the recipes I plan to make are as yet untested for me, and that represents a risk, but that’s kind of how I fly, lol.  As I go, I will do my best to document the sources of the recipes, as well as offer tips, reviews, and my changes (inevitably, there will be MANY, lol).  Wish me luck!

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2 Responses to Investment cooking

  1. Cassie says:

    I love the term “investment cooking”! That is great! I want a chest freezer so we can start doing some of that. Right now, our tiny freezer is packed full.

    • You can use even your small freezer to do investment cooking on a micro level. If you pack them correctly, you can get a lot in there, but I agree that a separate freezer makes things SO much easier. By buying on sale and prepping things in advance, you save time and money, and it is a lot less tempting to eat garbage just because it’s quick and easy.

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